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Industry 4.0 Drives The Growth of WeTouch Touch Screen Sales Volume

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Industry 4.0 Drives The Growth of  WeTouch  Touch Screen Sales Volume


In order to ensure the consistency of product yields, the highest production efficiency, and the lowest return rate of industrial manufacturing, people in the manufacturing industry have beenimproved the management systems such as the delivery of production plans, material inspection standards, process control, and documentation and execution of finished product inspection, now perfected in Germany as Industry 4.0.

However, this operation depends on the human operation of the operators, which is affected by their professionalism, conscientiousness, persistence, professionalism, ethics, emotions and other factors, as well as by the company's reward and punishment system, personnel changes, management methods and other factors.

For this reason, we set up a hanging touch device at each work station in the manufacturing industry, and load all the above Industry 4.0 methods, standards and other documents into it, and add automatic transmission, alarm software for missed inspection, untimely transmission, etc. on top of that. Only when all items in each work station are completed and qualified can they be passed and can be automatically passed to the next work station, thus allowing Industry 4.0 to transform from personnel operation to equipment self-empowerment, thus making the manufacturing industry more efficient in terms of yield and efficiency, lower return rate, and most of all, free from human factors. At present, the development of this project is completed and it is being tried out in a large shoe factory in Taiwan in Vietnam. Patent and copyright are being applied for and it will be used in all kinds of manufacturing industries.

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