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NEWSLETTER WETOUCH - Canon 2023 Annual Audit

Number of visits: Date:Aug 07, 2023 08:30

Wetouch has been committed to be an international touch panel supplier focus on R&D, manufacturing and sales . It win the high reputation and markets level all over the world based on high-quality products,good services and competitive prices ,such as Siemens, Canon, Delta, Weinview and other well-known international enterprises .

On July 12, 2023, Wetouch was honored to welcome Canon’s annual QMS and Process audit.

In this audit, Canon (Suzhou) and Canon (Japan) audit teams conducted a comprehensive audit on the QMS and all the Manufacturing Process.

1. Business Operation and Management Process;
2. Customer Related Process ;
3. Design to Production Transition Process;
4. Purchase control process;
5. Analysis and Improvement Services process, .

Manufacturing Process :
1. Clean Room and Foreign Particle Management;
2. Equipment and Quality Control Management,;
3. SOP, SIP, and Point Inspection;
4. IQC Process Control Management
5. Warehouse Storage Management

All the group team of Wetouch were seriously and rigorously invest in cooperating with the audit member of Canon, and finally won the high evaluation with A-Level Supplier award .

With the success of this audit, Wetouch and Canon have formed a closer strategic cooperation, which also gave Wetouch new opportunities and expansion in the development of the OA industry.

Wetouch will continue to devote manufacturing every single piece of touch panel with ingenuity.