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The Combination among the Strong Teams--The Brand Strategic of Vtouch

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On the 30th, November and 3rd, December of 2015,  Vtouch had received two big company’s visit separately, they are the biggest manufacture of theautomobile navigationin China--the FlyAudio and one of the Global Top 500--Germany Siemens. Vtouch had discussed the technology, requirements and co-operation of the touchscreen in depth with the two companies, and win the complete success, the same time, the discussion had laid the foundation for the next co-operation.


The brand strategic is the most important part of the total strategic, during the development in the past several years, the “VTOUCH” brand of the group has gained high market visibility and recognition. The products of the group are positioning in the high end of customers and professional field of the touchscreen, now Vtouch has set up the modern touchscreen industrial park, and established good co-operating relationship with the Simens, Canon, Schneider of the global top 500, as well as the Automatic industrial--the Pioneer, Coagent and the FlyAudio, etc.


Combination among the strong teams, mutual benefits and mutual wins, adhere to the innovation of technology, based on China, oriented to Global.



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