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Japanese HeGuan to visit our company

Number of visits: Date:2017年6月19日 09:00

Reported by Correspondent Bo Feng:


On July 6th, Mr. Takaomi Watanabe, Director of a well-known Japanese enterprise HeGuan Strategic Sourcing , visited the Wetouch Technology Ltd. Our chairman communicated with the guests warmly during the visit.

Wetouch Group is one of the manufacturers in the world with the capability of mass production of large-scale projection-type capacitive screen products. And it has received ISO9001ISO14001FCCCEROHSTS16949 and many other international certificates.  The products are mainly used in POS, automotive, industrial control, finance, medical, gaming and other industries. In the steady development of the domestic and foreign market process, Wetouch has formed a stable and mature industrial chain system.


Mr. Takaomi Watanabe visited the products exhibition hall, the warehouses and the workshops, and he proposed several suggestions while he gave his affirmative to our hardware and software facilities. During the visit, our Chairman Mr. Cai Guangde introduced the company's development process and enterprise culture, as well as the prospect after the company is listed in the stock market. In the meantime, Chairman Cai introduced the status of the research and development center in Australia, an internationalized R&D institution, which will constantly develop new materials and technologies, and is the guarantee of the market, and bring the strong confidence to our Wetouch people.   


Afterwords, Mr Anjing, General Manager, also introduced our factory and the technology features and status of each workshop, and received constant affirmatives from the guests.

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