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The Rapid Increase of Touch Screen For Ventilators Application

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The last time the niche market of ventilators was so active was the SARS period 17 years ago. Today, an epidemic has made ventilator a resounding word.Since the beginning of March, the voices of looking for ventilators and claiming to be in stock have been one after another-"There is an urgent need for ventilators. The price is better, and faster. The picture must include the size and weight of the ventilator, and it needs to meet the qualifications to export to the United States. "

Life and death are between the front line with or without a ventilator. Insufficient supply in overseas markets, various medical equipment, especially key components used in ventilatorsthat are touch screens, Themain size is 7inch touch screens, has also ushered in a blowout demand.

In China, most medical devices are due to small batches, large varieties, low sales, and many manufacturers are unwilling to do it. The technical barriers to touch screens for medical ventilators are high, and they cannot be produced by ordinary manufacturers.Now in the medical ventilator market, the sensitivity, life and reliability of the core components of the touch screen are very high. In contrast, the "WETOUCH" touch screen, which has been established in industry and medical treatment, is obviously better. Its sensitivity is less than 5 milliseconds, the life span of single-point touches is more than 100 million times, and it has features such as IP65 waterproof performance.

The core components of medical equipment are not highly replaceable. Manufacturers will not replaceany componentsdue toperformance and cost. From the perspective of the cost of the ventilator, the touch screen only takes a tiny fraction comparing with hundreds of thousands ventilator.Then quality is the main concerns for the medical applications ,as responsibility and Safety is mission for enterprises.

The touch screen of "WETOUCH" has always been the main supplier of Fortune 500 companies in the industrial and medical industries such as Siemens and Delta. Since April 2020, the factory has been producing at full capacity and cannot meet customer needs. In the second half of 2020, sales increased by more than 30% over the same period last year, reaching monthly orders of more than US$5 million. There are always 1 million unmade orders. Orders have been scheduled to May 2021, and monthly orders are still increasing. Therefore, companies are building new factories to increase production capacity. It is expected that sales in 2021 will increase by more than 30% over 2020.

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